Littleton Colorado Neurodiagnostics



Colorado Neurodiagnostics, Littleton

Colorado Neurodiagnostics offers the latest testing and treatment options and works closely with patients in order to determine the best course of care. Many procedures are performed in our offices or at a convenient nearby location.


Our office can offer treatment and care for the following:


Epilepsy and seizures

General Neurology

Movement Disorders

Multiple Sclerosis

Neuromuscular Disorders

Spasticity Management

Stroke and Vascular Disorders

Routine EEG/Video Ambulatory EEG

Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Therapy

Vagal Nerve Stimulation (VNS) Therapy

Nerve Conduction Studies/EMG

Botox Injections

Intrathecal Baclofen Pumps

IVIG Infusion



We offer care and diagnostics in the following Neurological Symptoms & Diseases:


Dementia and Cognitive Dysfunction




Epilepsy (seizures)


Headaches / Migraines


Movement Disorders Including Parkinson's Disease


Multiple Sclerosis (MS) & Neuro-inflammation


Muscle Disorders




Spinal Cord Disorders


Spine Disease


Stroke & Vascular Disorders






Tumors of the Nervous System