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Colorado Neurodiagnostics, PLLC has been providing the highest quality neurodiagnostic and neurology in Colorado for 8 years.


Mihaela Alexander, MD

Board Certified in General Neurology

Vascular Neurology Specialist


Dr. Mihaela Alexander is the President and Founder of Colorado Neurodiagnostics. She established a General Neurology clinic in February 2007 on the campus of Littleton Adventist Hospital.


For the past 8 years, she has developed a Movement Disorder Program with an emphasis on Parkinson's disease, tremors treatment and DBS (deep brain stimulation) therapy.


Her outpatient practice includes General Neurology, Movement Disorders/DBS therapy clinic, Spasticity Clinic including intrathecal baclofen pump therapy (ITB), Botox Clinic for the treatment of focal spasticity and dystonia in children and adults and the treatment of pain conditions including chronic migraines.


Since 2007, Dr. Alexander has served as Director of the Stroke and Neurology Program at Littleton Adventist Hospital leading a Gold Award Stroke Program.


She obtained her medical degree from Carol Davila Medical University in Bucharest, Romania in 1987. After medical school, she trained in medicine and pediatrics and worked as a pediatrician until 1991 when she moved to United States. She pursued her neurology training at the University of Minnesota she was the recipient of prestigious Benjamin Shapiro Award in 2001 for "Best academic performance and research activity and publications". During her early neurology career she developed an interest in stroke research and between 1999 and 2001 she pursued research in "Inflammation and Cerebral Ischemia" in the Laboratory of Cerebrovascular Biology and Stroke at the University of Minnesota.


Dr. Alexander is Board Certified in Vascular Neurology. She is an active member of American Heart Association/American Stroke association and World Stroke Organization.


Dr. Alexander has been an Assistant Professor of Neurology with Rocky Vista University since 2011.


Dan Koontz, MD

Board Certified in General Neurology

Neuromuscular Medicine Specialist


Dr. Dan Koontz joined Colorado Neurodiagnostics in July 2014. Dr. Koontz is highly experienced in General Neurology practice, both outpatient clinic and inpatient emergency neurological consultations.


He is a specialist in Neuromuscular Medicine, spine disease, nerve conductions studies and electromyography testing (NCS/EMG).


Dr. Koontz established a General Neurology clinic as well as a Neuromuscular Medicine specialty clinic and offers NCS/EMG studies and Botox injections for focal dystonia, spasticity and chronic migraines.  Dr. Koontz participates in the care of Parkinson's disease patients with DBS (deep brain stimulation) therapy.


Dr. Koontz graduated neurology residency in 2005 and completed a Neuromuscular Medicine Fellowship in 2006 at University Hospitals of Cleveland, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, in Cleveland, Ohio.


During his academic career between 2006 and July 2014, Dr. Koontz served as a Director for Center for General Neurology, Neurological Institute, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine; Medical Director of Neurology at UH Bedford Medical Center, UH Ahuja Medical Center; Assistant Professor and attending physician at University Hospitals Case Medical Center, Bedford Medical Center, Ahuja Medical Center and Richmond Medical Center.


Dr. Koontz was selected for inclusion in Best Doctors in America, 2009-2012. He likes to provide his patients with expert and compassionate care and he wants to remain involved in medical education.




Julie Seibert, MD

Board Certified in General Neurology

Multiple Sclerosis, Neuro-immunology Specialist


Dr. Julie Seibert joined Colorado Neurodiagnostics in May 2015. She has practiced General Neurology since 2004. She is an experienced physician in both outpatient General Neurology practice and inpatient emergency consultations.


Dr. Seibert completed a 1 year fellowship at the University of Colorado in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in April 2015. She has expertise in neuro-immunology and Central Nervous System inflammatory disorders.


Dr. Seibert established the only Multiple Sclerosis Clinic in South Denver and South State area on the campus of Littleton Adventist Hospital.


Dr. Seibert will continue also to practice General Neurology, including Botox treatment for chronic pain conditions, spasticity treatment and NCS/electromyography. Dr. Seibert will provide inpatient neurological consultations at Littleton hospital as well as tele-neurology consultations to several hospitals in Colorado.


She completed her medical education at Wake Forest University School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, North Carolina in May 2000 and completed neurology residency training at University of Colorado in 2004.


In addition to patient care, Dr. Seibert plans to continue to stay involved with medical education and MS research.



Luisa Solis-Cohen, MD

Board Certified in General Neurology

Movement Disorder Specialist


Dr. Luisa Solis-Cohen joined Colorado Neurodiagnostics in August 2017. She is committed to comprehensive neurologic care both in the outpatient clinic and hospital acute care neurological consultations.


Dr. Luisa Solis-Cohen is a specialist in Movement Disorders; her clinical interests include Parkinson’s disease, tremors, dystonia, and therapeutics including deep brain stimulation (DBS) and Botox injections.


She established a Movement Disorders clinic and she is also available to provide general neurology consultation.


Dr. Solis-Cohen graduated from Brandeis University with a BS in Neuroscience and then pursued research in Cognitive & Behavioral Neurology at the University of Pennsylvania. She earned her medical degree from the University at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences and graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2012.


She completed Neurology residency and Movement Disorders Fellowship at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, a Harvard teaching program. She was the recipient of multiple teaching and science awards and inducted into the Gold Humanism Honor Society.


In addition to her commitment to compassionate clinical care, Dr. Solis-Cohen has been involved in Parkinson’s disease research and education.




We offer care and diagnostics in the following Neurological Symptoms & Diseases:


Dementia and Cognitive Dysfunction




Epilepsy (seizures)


Headaches / Migraines


Movement Disorders Including Parkinson's Disease


Multiple Sclerosis (MS) & Neuro-inflammation


Muscle Disorders




Spinal Cord Disorders


Spine Disease


Stroke & Vascular Disorders






Tumors of the Nervous System